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The Holidays with Jane authors are celebrating Christmas in July by blogging about Our Favorite Things!


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It’s no secret that I LOVE food and one of my favorite things about Christmas is definitely the food! Though my family’s food traditions might not be as…typically traditional…as some, they make us unique and I look forward to them every year!

The number one item on our Christmas food list is actually our Christmas Eve meal. We would spend Christmas Eve night at my Grammy and Fafa’s house and open a brand new ornament from our parents. The giving of a new ornament every year is something that I’ve continued with my kids.  The number one item on the menu for Christmas Eve: Toasted Sourdough Bread with Avocado. And the avocados were most often from my Grammy’s tree. You guys, this is legit the best meal ever.

The secret to good a toasted avocado sandwich is the bread. You MUST get real sourdough. In spite of what you’ve been told, Seattle Sourdough is not real sourdough. Real sourdough comes from San Francisco. There is no discussion on this. And while I am all for reducing one’s intake of starchy carbs, this is not the time to go whole grain. Get yourself some good sourdough so you can fully appreciate these little slices of California!


CA Avocado


Here’s how you make this sandwich. Pay attention, it’s complicated.

1. Toast the sourdough

2. Smash avocado (a fork works great) on top of the toasted sourdough

3. Salt and LIBERALLY pepper

4. Squeeze some lemon juice on top

5. EAT

6. Repeat 5 or 6 times until you are stuffed like the Christmas turkey we are not actually having the next day cause we do brunch.

I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Fun fact: Grammy’s avocado tree is a Reed Avocado. They are delicious and they are huge (up to 18 ounces!). The neighbor kids use them as softballs before they’re ripe. There’s more to avocados than just Haas (though Grammy went to second grade with Haas’ daughter, true story).


Reed Avocado

Reed Avocado


Another Christmas food tradition in my family is Grammy’s Famous Snowball cookies. My Grammy makes the best snowball cookies. I discovered why hers are so amazing once while searching for recipes online…they have about twice the butter as most snowball recipes. I am sharing these with you today, because I love you and you deserve this much butter. You really, really do.


Snowball Cookies


Grammy’s Famous Snowball Cookies


1 pound butter

4 cups sifted flour

1 cup powdered sugar (plus 1 more cup for coating)

1 cup chopped nuts (pecans, walnuts, or almonds – I always do pecans)

1 teaspoon vanilla



Let butter stand at room temp until it gets soft. Cream butter in a large bowl, gradually working in flour, sugar, nuts, and vanilla (you may have to mix with your hands!). Chill until firm enough to roll into large marbel siezed balls. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet about two inches apart. Cook at 350 degrees until light golden brown (approximately 20-25 minutes). Cool on cookie sheet for approximately 10 minutes. Remove carefully. Shake gently in a bag with 1 cup powdered sugar until generously coated. Cool completely on a wire rack before stroing in a tight container with wax paper between layers to keep from sticking.

My mom calls these the No Fail Cookie. They are a hit every time and make great gifts.


So there you have it, some of my absolutely favorite “Christmas” foods (though I suggest enjoying toasted avocado sandwiches year round because IT IS OKAY TO LOVE THE CALIFORNIA AVOCADO!).

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2 thoughts on “christmas in july…our favorite things

  1. Our Christmas traditions are a bit different as well. We too do a Christmas Eve meal. This one is at my parents’ house and it includes finger foods that we can graze on throughout the afternoon and evening. We set up all the kitchen counters and the large island with crockpots, platters and trays. Meatballs, chicken wings, ham sandwiches, veggie trays, fruit, dips, cheeseballs and punch! Christmas morning is always cinnamon rolls from our favorite shop. Then I go to my husband’s grandmother’s house for a traditional Christmas ham and all the trimmings!

  2. Ermagherd, I totally knew we were sisters 😉
    Avocado is one of the best things EVER … I like mine with bacon too 😀
    We don’t eat traditional at Christmas either … or any holiday, for the matter … our meals tend to involve a lot of shrimp and various random “favorite” dishes 🙂

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