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Hello lovely blog hoppers! Once again, I’m posting as part of the Holidays with Jane: Trick or Sweet blog hop…this time about Halloween…which is kind of a broad topic, so I’m going to use it as an excuse to post cute pictures of my kids, okay? Okay!

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I think the best part about Halloween as a kid is picking your own costume – getting to be whoever you want to be.  You can look through pictures of Halloweens past and they are time capsules reminding you of what you loved the most that year.  (My clue for the scavenger hunt is costume.)

As soon as my kids were old enough to pick their own costumes (like 2 and 3), I let them. Here is the last year I picked the costumes…James is only 4 months old here!


Boo and Mike Wazowski

After that, my kiddos were very vocal about who they wanted to be for Halloween…

Belle and Winnie the Pooh

Except for the year that Maddie wanted to be Prince Phillip and “informed” her brother that he would be her dragon.  He was nice enough to go along…

Prince Phillip and the dragon

Prince Phillip and the Dragon

I call this “the year of the Rapunzel wig of doom.” There’s a lot of yarn in that wig. I think James has the Buzz Lightyear strut down, though.

Rapunzel and Buzz

Rapunzel and Buzz Lightyear

Maddie continued her Disney Princess / insanely good hair theme the next year. James was a bit into dinosaurs.

Merida and the stegosauras

Merida and the Stegosauras

And last year, Maddie knocked it out of the park as Sherlock and James proclaimed his Skylander obsession as Night Fist.

Sherlock and Night Fist

Sherlock and Night Fist (from Skylanders)

This year we are super excited to have a Vader and a “Killer” Kitty on tap for Halloween. What are your costume plans?

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