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I am super excited to announce that I’m working on a group short story collection slated for release this upcoming holiday season with five other ah-mah-zing Austen authors!  More details will follow soon, but I wanted to give a shout out to my fellow short story writers and say how thrilled I am to be working with them.


Melissa Buell

Melissa Buell is the brains behind this short story collection (with some vague input from yours truly…but Melissa is really the instigator.)   I love Melissa because she is a fellow So Cal girl and an awesome friend. She also writes some great fairy tale inspired YA.



Cecilia Gray

Cecilia Gray (the Gray who spells her name correctly – or so she says…cough, no, Ceci, just no.) writes awesome YA Austen adaptations as well as Regency romance and YA suspense…and well, just about everything! She’s also super cool and a California girl like Melissa and me (though she’s from Nor Cal which is like, BARELY, California).


Jennifer Becton

Jennifer Becton is the reason I write Austen adaptation and the reason I self-publish. I don’t actually think I’m overstating at all when I say that with out her example to follow I would never have published a darn thing.  I love her Austen spinoffs featuring minor characters as well as her mysteries starring kick ass private eye, Julia Jackson.



Kimberly Truesdale

My love and adoration for Kimberly Truesdale are well known.  She’s one of my favorite people as well as being an amazing story editor.  If you haven’t read her Austen adaptation My Dear Sophy or her other Regency titles you need to get on that right away.



Rebecca Fleming

Rebecca Fleming is a fabulous book blogger and librarian with an amazing sense of what stories work…which is I LOVE when she beta reads my novels! I have had the privilege of reading some of her stories and I’m excited that this collection will be her debut publication!



I can’t wait to share more details with you!  Wish me luck as I’m taking on one of Austen’s novels that I don’t usually…love.  But some fun ideas are floating around and I’ve already got the Christmas carols cranked up to 11 for inspiration!


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  1. DUDES! [ok none of you are dudes -that I know of – but whatever] This is exciting! Don’t tell me you’re taking on Mansfield Park – I know you don’t exactly *love* it. 😉

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