awake’s birthday…aspire…and a surprise

Awake: A Fairytale is FOUR YEARS OLD TODAY! To celebrate Awake is free for your Kindle this weekend! (Saturday, 2/6 – Monday 2/8).




I am back hard at work on Aspire as well as a very exciting SURPRISE…

…Surprise, you say? Tell us more!

I’m so glad you asked…

I’m excited to announce that there is a novella in the works titled Avowed: A Fairytale Trilogy Companion Story. More details soon!

Now I know, my dear readers, that Aspire is a long time coming and hearing things like “details to come” and “SOON” is frustrating. It frustrates me, too. Many of you have contacted me asking when the book will be in your hands. I’m humbled by your passion and dedication to these stories. Unfortunately, Aspire got caught up in all the general crap of having to completely restart my life – while fighting constantly to keep both my children and myself as safe as possible. There have been a few times I’ve thought, “Oh, there’s the light at the end of the tunnel!” and ended up running from yet another train. It’s not over yet, by any means, but I am learning to live life and get things done right in the middle of the railroad tracks. I definitely feel as if I am in a better (stronger) place both personally and professionally than I have the last few years and I’m enjoying kicking Aspire’s ass.

Both Aspire: A Fairytale and Avowed: A Fairytale Trilogy Companion story WILL be out in 2016. Specific dates to follow.

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