when life gives you lemons…

Growing up we had the most amazing Meyer lemon tree in our backyard.  This thing was huge – it might actually have been two trees growing together because I have never since seen a Meyer lemon tree of this size.  It bore fruit basically year round and these lemons were so sweet you could eat them by themselves if you liked sweet/tart flavors.   I was completely, completely spoiled by the ability to make fresh, homemade lemonade at the drop of a hat.



There’s really no point to this story other than that I really like lemonade.  And lemon meringue pie (my son’s favorite actually), and squeezing lemon onto avocado sandwiches…and really anything involving lemons is pretty much my favorite.

Sometimes life gives us lemons. My life right now is incredibly busy and stressful and in constant emotional upheaval.  I haven’t talked about it a lot of social media / the interwebs because talking about what’s going on in my life can have negative repercussions on my family.  I so desperately want to write and get out all of the books and projects I’ve promised my readers (and are living in my head, screaming for attention) but I haven’t had the time or emotional fortitude to sit and bleed words onto the page.

2014 was supposed to be a year of awesome…and there have been some truly amazingly awesome parts…but there have also been some huge deliveries of lemons into my personal grocery space.  I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still here, I’m still trying to write, and I’m hoping for time to make all of these lemons into some delicious lemonade…soon! VERY SOON!

(Also, the above doesn’t apply to the amazing Holidays with Jane short story compilation I’m participating in and WILL be out this year!)

One thought on “when life gives you lemons…

  1. Hi Jess-

    Thanks for sharing your sentiments. Tough seasons do bare fruit and these unexpected stresses don’t last forever.

    I’m also a fan of lemons but wasn’t blessed with a lemon tree in my yard. We did have red raspberries though and I was indignant when I grew up and had to actually pay money for them.

    You’re a peach among lemons!

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