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The Holidays with Jane authors are celebrating Christmas in July by blogging about Our Favorite Things!


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It’s no secret that I LOVE food and one of my favorite things about Christmas is definitely the food! Though my family’s food traditions might not be as…typically traditional…as some, they make us unique and I look forward to them every year!

The number one item on our Christmas food list is actually our Christmas Eve meal. We would spend Christmas Eve night at my Grammy and Fafa’s house and open a brand new ornament from our parents. The giving of a new ornament every year is something that I’ve continued with my kids.  The number one item on the menu for Christmas Eve: Toasted Sourdough Bread with Avocado. And the avocados were most often from my Grammy’s tree. You guys, this is legit the best meal ever.

The secret to good a toasted avocado sandwich is the bread. You MUST get real sourdough. In spite of what you’ve been told, Seattle Sourdough is not real sourdough. Real sourdough comes from San Francisco. There is no discussion on this. And while I am all for reducing one’s intake of starchy carbs, this is not the time to go whole grain. Get yourself some good sourdough so you can fully appreciate these little slices of California!


CA Avocado


Here’s how you make this sandwich. Pay attention, it’s complicated.

1. Toast the sourdough

2. Smash avocado (a fork works great) on top of the toasted sourdough

3. Salt and LIBERALLY pepper

4. Squeeze some lemon juice on top

5. EAT

6. Repeat 5 or 6 times until you are stuffed like the Christmas turkey we are not actually having the next day cause we do brunch.

I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Fun fact: Grammy’s avocado tree is a Reed Avocado. They are delicious and they are huge (up to 18 ounces!). The neighbor kids use them as softballs before they’re ripe. There’s more to avocados than just Haas (though Grammy went to second grade with Haas’ daughter, true story).


Reed Avocado

Reed Avocado


Another Christmas food tradition in my family is Grammy’s Famous Snowball cookies. My Grammy makes the best snowball cookies. I discovered why hers are so amazing once while searching for recipes online…they have about twice the butter as most snowball recipes. I am sharing these with you today, because I love you and you deserve this much butter. You really, really do.


Snowball Cookies


Grammy’s Famous Snowball Cookies


1 pound butter

4 cups sifted flour

1 cup powdered sugar (plus 1 more cup for coating)

1 cup chopped nuts (pecans, walnuts, or almonds – I always do pecans)

1 teaspoon vanilla



Let butter stand at room temp until it gets soft. Cream butter in a large bowl, gradually working in flour, sugar, nuts, and vanilla (you may have to mix with your hands!). Chill until firm enough to roll into large marbel siezed balls. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet about two inches apart. Cook at 350 degrees until light golden brown (approximately 20-25 minutes). Cool on cookie sheet for approximately 10 minutes. Remove carefully. Shake gently in a bag with 1 cup powdered sugar until generously coated. Cool completely on a wire rack before stroing in a tight container with wax paper between layers to keep from sticking.

My mom calls these the No Fail Cookie. They are a hit every time and make great gifts.


So there you have it, some of my absolutely favorite “Christmas” foods (though I suggest enjoying toasted avocado sandwiches year round because IT IS OKAY TO LOVE THE CALIFORNIA AVOCADO!).

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Holidays with Jane

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christmas in july full schedule!

Our Holidays with Jane Christmas in July event starts this Sunday, July 24th! Here is a full schedule of all the fun!


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Join the Holidays with Jane authors as we blog about Our Favorite Things!


Jennifer Becton (


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Join us for movie watching fun on Twitter! These authors will be live tweeting some favorite Christmas movies.


Sunday, 07/24 starting at 6 PST / 9 EST

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Holidays with Jane by Jennifer Becton

Holidays with Jane

by Jennifer Becton

Giveaway ends August 02, 2016.

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During our celebration, Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer is FREE for your kindle! Did you know that you can also gift free kindle books? If you have a friend that you’d love to share Christmas Cheer with, now is a great time. Snag a copy here. 

christmas in july…a celebration!

I love working with my fellow authors on the Holidays with Jane series! They’re a super amazing group of women and so much fun to write with! We’ve published FOUR of these collections so far, and I am constantly amazed by their creativity and ability to bring Austen’s classics into the modern era.

Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer was our FIRST collection, and it is definitely among my favorites! To celebrate it, we are hosting a Christmas in July event July 24-26. We will have lots of fun stuff happening (giveaways, live Christmas movie tweet-alongs) on Twitter and on Facebook, as well as all of our individual sites. Make sure to follow the Holidays with Jane Facebook page to not miss out!

I will be posting a schedule later this week of all the fun!

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summer of love is out…and a giveaway!

HolidaysWithJane-SummerOfLove-KINDLESomehow it’s already June! I have no idea how this happened, honestly. The good news, is this means Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love released yesterday!

I am so proud of this collection and my fellow authors. I got to play in the Emma sandbox this time around I find myself more and more fascinated by how Emma thinks and in love with Mr. Knightley (because of course!).


Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love is now available on Kindle with the paperback to be available shortly! Make sure to add us to your goodreads as well.

The Holidays with Jane ladies are giving away some summer goodies. Each of these two adorable prize packs has a $10 Starbucks gift card in them (not pictured).





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introducing…summer of love

Hey, lovelies! This year is smoking by SO very fast. The end of the school year is upon us and it’s time for some summer fun! It’s always so exciting to announce a new book or story, and I’m thrilled to tell you that Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love is on the way.




(As usual, our cover designer Victoria Austen-Young is a genius.)

Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love


Break out the flip flops, bathing suits, and umbrella drinks, the authors of Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer, Spring Fever, and Trick or Sweet are back to celebrate summer with six new modern Jane Austen adaptations. Slip Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love into your beach bag to add a little Austen to your vacation.


Twice Upon a Sea

by Melissa Buell

For Anne Elliot breaking up with Finn Wentworth her freshman year of college was the hardest moment of her life. Now six years later and working as a media liaison for the Navel History office, she runs into Finn—an experienced marine archaeologist. Is this her second chance at winning Finn’s heart or will she be lost at sea?


Castle of the Seas

by Nancy Kelley

Two weeks in the Caribbean aboard The Castle of the Seas sounded like a dream to Cat Morland. But when her brother’s roommate turns overly possessive and her own best friend starts acting like a stranger, the dream is on the verge of being a nightmare. Can her new friends, Henry and Ella, redeem the trip for Cat? And is there any chance Henry could be more than a friend?


An (Un)Even Exchange

by Jennifer Becton

Nora Dashwood’s plans for a relaxing summer fall apart when her sister Marianne arrives on her doorstep to get over a recent breakup. As if that weren’t enough, Nora must also deal with her delusional neighbor Lucy, a private investigator with an overeager client, and a handsome man with a secret past. Will Nora’s life ever return to normal, or will she have the romance she never dreamed of?



by Jessica Grey

Sixteen year old Emmalyn Woods knows three things:

1. Camp Hartfield is THE only place to spend summer.

2. Ben Knightley will always be her BFF.

3. She has love all figured out…for everyone else.

But when Emma’s attempt at creating fireworks for two fellow campers blows up in her face, she realizes she might not actually have love—or life—figured out.



by Cecilia Gray

Fanny has been waiting the entire school year for her Eamon to come home from college for the summer so they can see if the sparks she felt the last time they were together are real. Only he doesn’t come home alone. Eamon brings new friends and he has new interests. And when his actions threaten her home and her future, Fanny has to wonder whether he’s really her Eamon after all.


Of Rivers, Rocks, and Rich Men

by Rebecca M. Fleming

Liz Bennet has one rule when it comes to rich men: just say no. The summer she returns home to Meryton, Georgia, she begins to wonder if that’s a rule worth breaking. Her sister’s new boyfriend shows her rich men can be nice; but it’s Will Darcy, mastermind behind Pemberley Acres, who challenges everything she’s ever believed — and sets sparks flying. Eventually.


Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love will be available for your kindles and in paperback on Tuesday, June 7th. We are so excited to share these stories with you! If you’d like to add this to your goodreads, you can do so here.


Stay tuned for some fun promo and giveaways in the next few weeks!


sacrifice…a short story

Sometimes an idea takes up residence in your head and you can’t stop thinking about it until you’ve written through it. This happened to me recently during a conversation with my good friend Angela Lynn about possibilities surrounding the story of The Little Mermaid. So here is a little piece I wrote based off of that conversation.

And if you’d like to read another take on The Little Mermaid (and Snow White, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and Beauty and the Beast!), Views from the Depths is currently free for your Kindle. Happy Easter!!




They had a child.

When the labor pains wracked her body and it felt like she would be torn apart by them, she ignored the horror of the midwives and climbed into a great tub of water. She let herself float–the pain seeping away. The babe had been born into the water. She had caught him with her own hands while the midwives hovered, still exclaiming at the madness of the Queen.

Connal called the boy Liam. She called him Waterborn in the language of her people, but only in private where no humans could hear. It wasn’t a name that their tongues could form, or that was pleasing to their ears.

She watched Waterborn for months‒years even‒waiting to see if he showed any signs of the Mer. But the magic had so completely erased her identity that it seemed nothing was passed onto her son. When he was young, she tried to teach him the true names for things. He stared at her with solemn brown eyes and asked, “Why do you sound like that, Mama?”

“This is how my father and my sisters all speak.”

Waterborn cocked his head to the side, dark curls tumbling across his forehead. “It sounds angry.”

She blinked back tears. “It isn’t angry, Waterborn. It’s powerful and full of magic.”

“Why do you never call me Liam, Mama? I don’t like when you call me that.”

From then on she only called him Waterborn in her own mind. Truly he didn’t look waterborn at all. He was a miniature copy of his father.

Connal. His dark hair, his long lean legs, and broad shoulders had been objects of her fantasies for months before she’d made the reckless decision to approach the seawitch. She’d watched him and she’d loved him from afar before he even knew of her existence.

Had she fallen out of love with him, or had it never even been love? How could you truly love something you didn’t understand? And no matter how long she spent with humans‒with Connal‒she could not understand them. They’d fascinated her when she had been a Mer, but fascination had turned to boredom and eventually disgust now that she lived among them…now that she was one of them.

She woke in a panic; she was suffocating. Her lungs needed the sea, the sweet wash in and out of the soft, salty liquid. She couldn’t breathe without it. Something heavy was holding her down, imprisoning her. It was hot, a band of molten iron.  Her hands clawed at it frantically.

“Ouch, Kira,” Connal’s sleep heavy voice chastised. “Stop scratching at me like a wildcat.”

She turned to him, her breathing beginning to slow. Air, it was air she breathed now. The horrible, burning band was his arm. He was always too hot. Sometimes it was unbearable to be this close to him.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

He brushed the sweat dampened hair from her forehead. “Another nightmare?”
She nodded. How could she tell him that to be here in bed with him made her feel as if she were dying?

He pulled her closer and she gasped. The skin of his bare chest felt as if it were searing her. She wanted to cry out.

“I am sorry, my love.” He kissed the top of her red curls. “Is there nothing I can do to make them better?”

“They’re just dreams.” She tried to dismiss them.

“It’s every night now.” Connal’s voice was edged with concern. “It used to only be once in awhile, those first years…”

“I’ll be fine. When I’m asleep, my body forgets.”

He stared at her, those dark brown eyes so like Liam’s and so unlike a Mer’s searching her face as if trying to memorize it. “Would you go back if you could?”

She avoided his gaze. She was caught in a net, it closed around her wildly beating heart. She held herself still so she wouldn’t struggle against it. “No,” she lied. “No, of course not. I have you and Liam. Why would I want to go back?”

Connal’s face relaxed. She hadn’t noticed how deeply those lines of worry had been etched into his face. She knew she’d said the right thing.

“Goodnight, Kira, my Queen.”

“Goodnight.” She ran her hand through his hair, brushing it back from his forehead. The touch made her feel as if her hand was on fire, but she knew it would help him sleep.

“I love you,” he mumbled as he drifted off.

She glanced at his face. His dark eyelashes rested against his flushed cheeks. He was asleep, it wouldn’t matter that she couldn’t say it back. She could only lie so well.

Kira eased back onto her pillows, wiggling out of his arms and trying to make as much space between them as possible. She felt the cool air coming in from the open window and breathed a sigh of relief.

What would her life look like if she hadn’t changed? If she’d stayed with him instead of becoming obsessed with this human? Kira shook her head. She didn’t want to think of him.

But nights like this when everything was quiet in the castle and she could hear the rhythm of the waves on the rocks outside, he filled her mind…his face, his smile, his laughter, his strong hands on her waist.

He’d been angry, furious really, with her when she started watching the humans‒watching Connal.

“Am I not enough for you?” he yelled at her. “Does this not fulfill your cravings?” He kissed her, their tongues tangling as they sank into the water and down into the sand. But even as she’d lain there, sated and sleepy with the marks of his rough kisses on her neck, she knew she would swim back to the surface.

She spent hours up on the rocks, letting the sun burn her pale skin while the salt spray kept her tail damp. She hadn’t cared, she’d been…Kira rolled over with a grunt and punched her pillow. She’d been stupid.

It had been ten years. Not that ten years was very long to a Mer, though it felt like a lifetime to her now. She was sure he had moved on, taken another mate, forgotten her.

Kira climbed out of bed and paced over to the window. It no longer felt as if knives were stabbing her feet when she walked, but her legs never felt as if they quite belonged to the rest of her body. It was as if her joints were too loose; she was a doll that was not put together properly. Her mouth twisted into a wry smile. The seawitch was nothing if not vindictive.

She stood by the open window, palms pressed into the stone. It was wet. They were close to the sea here, the castle built on a little slope of a hill that melted down into the sand dunes. That is one of the reasons it had been so easy for her to spy on Connal. Kira took a deep breath of damp air. It calmed her.

She missed the sea, the ebb and pull of it. The chilly caress of the waves. The sheer energy and power.

Or did she just miss him?

The moon was high, a shining orb reflected in the water. She watched the spray coming up from the rocks.

She felt him before she saw him. Kira froze. Her heart pounded roughly, then seemed to stop all together. His lean torso was pale against the darkness of the rocks, his tail partially submerged in the water. He was watching the castle. He looked directly at her window and Kira knew he could see her. Her white nightdress fluttered in the breeze like a flag of surrender.

She turned and walked toward the door. Her feet moved of their own accord, quickly and quietly. She heard Connal’s soft breathing as she slipped through the door, but she didn’t turn back. She was down the stairs, through the kitchens, and out into the courtyard before the first doubt skittered up her spine.

Why was he here? Had he been here before? What if he was still angry?

The pull toward him was stronger than her fears. She felt the lap of the waves on her bare feet. She could see him more clearly now. The corded muscles in his arms bracing against the wet rocks, the heavy brows, and those same silver eyes that pierced through her skin and exposed every want and need.  Those eyes watched her as she walked deeper into the water, her nightdress sticking to her trembling legs.

Eventually she reached the rocks. The water was higher than her waist. It was blessedly cool and felt like heaven after the cloying warmth of Connal’s bed.

“You’ve changed.” He spoke in the harshly beautiful language of the Mer. Kira blinked. It sounded just like she remembered, but somehow foreign.

“You haven’t,” she replied.

He nodded. She wanted to reach out and run her fingers along the column of his neck. She wanted to feel his hands and mouth against hers once more.

“You want to return.” It wasn’t a question.

Kira looked out over the water. The Mer had hundreds of words for the sea: one for when it was calm and covered in morning light, one for the rage of the current during a storm. One that meant home. One that meant freedom. She glanced back at the shore, at the castle where Connal and Liam slept and couldn’t think of any words other than “prison.”


He smiled, the quick grin she remembered so well. “Then here.” He raised his fist from the sea and opened it, palm up, toward her.

A dagger lay in his hand, water running off its heavily worked gold in rivulets. The hilt gleamed dully in the moonlight and the sharp edge of the blade glistened like ice.

She stared at it, dread pooling in her belly. She would have recognized it anywhere, she saw it in her nightmares every night. “Where did you get this?”

His pale gaze never left her face. “You know where.”

Kira swallowed against the bile rising in her throat. “She never deals fairly. There’s a catch. Whatever you’ve given for it, it’s not worth it.”

“It’s for you.”

Kira squeezed her eyes closed, tears leaking out of the corners. They felt warm on her face; human tears. She shuddered. “You cannot bargain on behalf of another.”

He pushed the dagger into her hand. Her arm shook under its weight.

“You can come back to the sea,” he said roughly. “Come back to me.”

She kept her eyes firmly shut. “What must I do?”
His hands settled on her shoulders. A wave rolled past, chilling her. “You must cut out the heart of that which you love most.”

Her whole body started to shake. Liam. He must mean Liam. Goosebumps rose on her arms and her teeth chattered together.  “This is the bargain you’ve made? One to break my heart?”

“A bargain to free you. To free us,” he insisted. His fingers bruised into her shoulders.

“What have you given her?” She finally opened her eyes. His face no longer looked the same to her.

“A year in her service for every year we’re together.”

Kira gasped. Her legs could no longer hold her and she sank beneath the onslaught of the next wave. Her lungs filled with water. She sputtered, fighting frantically against the water. His hand closed around her arm and he pulled her upward. Her legs righted themselves and her feet settled against the sand so that she could stand.

“You must do it,” he ordered. “I’ve paid too high a price. You must cut out his heart.”

Kira’s fist closed over the dagger’s hilt. It bit into the flesh of her palm, marking it. She nodded.

His smile was even wider. “Good. Come back to me, my love.” He captured her mouth with his. His lips were cold and punishing. They tasted of salt and freedom. Kira kissed him back with every ounce of passion she thought she had lost during the last ten years. Her free hand came up to curl into the hair at the nape of his neck.

She drew in a breath as his mouth trailed across her jaw. “Forgive me,” she whispered. She brought the dagger upand plunged it into his chest.

“Forgive me,” she sobbed as she cut out his heart. He didn’t resist, didn’t fight back although she knew he could.

“Forgive me,” she said a third time as she looked into his wide, silver eyes.

There was no sound other than the pull of the waves and a muted splash as his lifeless body slid off the rocks and into the water. Kira stared down at the heart in her hand. A half sob, half scream tore out of her throat as she dropped his heart beneath the waves. The dagger fell out of her hand and against the rocks with a clang.

Kira stood in the water, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for a tail, or perhaps for death. Her whole body was numb, colder than she had ever been.

After a few moments she turned toward the shore and began to walk unsteadily back toward the castle. She couldn’t stop shaking. She wrapped her arms around her waist, trying to protect herself from the bitter wind. It wasn’t until she stumbled back through the door into their bedroom that she began to feel warm. She took off her cold, wet nightdress and threw it into the corner.

The noise woke Connal. He propped himself up on one elbow, confusion on his face. “Kira?”

“Go back to sleep, love,” she whispered as she slid into the bed and turned into his arms. “There’s nothing to worry about.”




awake’s birthday…aspire…and a surprise

Awake: A Fairytale is FOUR YEARS OLD TODAY! To celebrate Awake is free for your Kindle this weekend! (Saturday, 2/6 – Monday 2/8).




I am back hard at work on Aspire as well as a very exciting SURPRISE…

…Surprise, you say? Tell us more!

I’m so glad you asked…

I’m excited to announce that there is a novella in the works titled Avowed: A Fairytale Trilogy Companion Story. More details soon!

Now I know, my dear readers, that Aspire is a long time coming and hearing things like “details to come” and “SOON” is frustrating. It frustrates me, too. Many of you have contacted me asking when the book will be in your hands. I’m humbled by your passion and dedication to these stories. Unfortunately, Aspire got caught up in all the general crap of having to completely restart my life – while fighting constantly to keep both my children and myself as safe as possible. There have been a few times I’ve thought, “Oh, there’s the light at the end of the tunnel!” and ended up running from yet another train. It’s not over yet, by any means, but I am learning to live life and get things done right in the middle of the railroad tracks. I definitely feel as if I am in a better (stronger) place both personally and professionally than I have the last few years and I’m enjoying kicking Aspire’s ass.

Both Aspire: A Fairytale and Avowed: A Fairytale Trilogy Companion story WILL be out in 2016. Specific dates to follow.

review…all the what ifs

All the What Ifs is currently free this weekend for Kindle. Make sure to snag a copy.

all the what ifs cover


There’s a LOT I want to say about this book…and it has taken me a few weeks to sort it all out in my brain. I’m not even entirely sure I have the right words, but I’m going to try because All the What Ifs deserves a great review and for people to hear about it.

All the What Ifs is the kind of book that sticks with you. It gets inside your brain and heart and the main character, Ashley, takes up residence there. The first part of this novel was actually really hard for me to get through because it was just too real. For anyone who has ever been in an emotionally abusive/controlling relationship this book is full of triggers. I actually had to take a break after the first chapter (and a few other times)…but each time I took a break, I couldn’t stop thinking about Ashley and her situation, and hoping that she’d find a way out.

Getting out is hard. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, it’s never as easy as “why can’t you just leave?” Angela Lynn does a fantastic job of portraying Ashley’s journey. This is more than a story of overcoming an abusive and controlling father, it is also about first love and first real friendships. In fact, my favorite thing about All the What Ifs is that Ashley is more than what has happened to her –this is HER story.  She makes the transition from being passive and going along with her father’s plans for her life to an active creator of her own destiny. Whether one has experienced abuse or not, that is an empowering message.

I can’t recommend All the What Ifs highly enough.




#hwjmoviefest…christmas movie live tweet

Somehow it is already December of 2015. I have no idea how this is possible, but here we are in the midst of another Christmas season. The ladies of the Holidays with Jane collections will be celebrating this year like we did last with a Twitter Christmas Movie Fest!

You can view the Facebook Event Page here. The event will be taking place on Twitter using the hashtag #HWJMovieFest, but we will be posting all movies and times, as well as reminders on the even page, so make sure to check it out.

Die HardThe Holidays with Jane Movie Fest will be running from Friday 12/11 through Sunday 12/13. I will be live tweeting two movies, and in honor of my story in the Christmas Cheer collection, I’ll be watching the two movies that inspired It’s a Wonderful Latte: Die Hard and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie, you may ask. Yes, it is…and my favorite one at that!

The Die Hard live tweet is going to take place between 7-9 MST (that’s 9-11 EST / 6-8 PST) on Friday, 12/11.

It's a Wonderful LifeThe It’s a Wonderful Life live tweet is going down between 4-6 pm MST (that’s 6-8 EST / 3-5 PST) on Sunday, 12/13.

If you want to watch along and don’t have these movies, Die Hard can be rented for streaming at Amazon here.

It’s a Wonderful Life isn’t streamable anywhere that I can see, if you find it somewhere let me know!

There will also be some prizes during the live tweet, so check it out even if you can’t watch along. You should probably follow me on twitter @_JessicaGrey.

The other authors participating (click the links for their twitters) are:

Melissa Buell

Jennifer Becton

Nancy Kelley

Rebecca Fleming

Cecilia Gray (she who spells her last name wrong!)

Additionally, Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer is now on sale for only 99 cents for Kindle, so if you don’t have a copy (or want to gift someone a copy for the holiday), now is a great time to snag one!



I hope to see you Friday and Sunday on Twitter.

all the what ifs…and a giveaway


Oh hello, internet! I have been horribly inconsistent in posting here, but today I have exciting news. My very good friend Angela Lynn has released her first novel! All the What Ifs is a YA coming of age story and it’s fantastic. I am super stoked for Angela and so excited to tell you all about All the What Ifs:


Ashley Morgan is trapped. She’s spent the last three years of high school being groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps. It’s a future she’s unsure of. Yet she tries her hardest to avoid her father’s disapproval while keeping the peace for her high-strung mother and autistic brother. Whenever her fears fester, Ashley works harder.

At the start of her senior year, Ashley reluctantly joins ACT an after-school community service club that is in disarray. The members argue. The advisor sleeps. And Lucas Malone, the club’s president, conjures unwanted memories of freshman year and his disastrous attempt to ask her to homecoming.

Ashley tries to remain uninvolved, but with each success in ACT she gains the confidence to face her future. She sets in motion plans that force her to choose between the bright future her father’s mapped out or an unknown path of her own design. When the moment comes to make her choice, she’s plagued with doubt, because what if … she gets it all wrong?


all the what ifs cover


All the What Ifs is now available for kindle and paperback on Amazon.

On a super personal note, Ang is an insanely smart, funny, and supportive friend and writer. I have been blessed to have her story edit my work in the past (and present!), and I am so excited that the world gets to read All the What Ifs.

To celebrate the release of All the What Ifs, I am giving away a copy. Enter via the rafflecopter below…if the winner is in the US, they can pick between ebook or paperback. If the winner is outside the US, the prize will be an ebook due to shipping costs.



a Rafflecopter giveaway