Aspire: A Fairytale

Coming in 2015

Lilia de la Foret might be a story book princess…

Lilia has always believed in magic, the power of love, and her royal destiny.  After all, she’d grown up as princess of Arraine knowing there was a sleeping curse hanging over her head with only the promise of true love’s kiss to break it.  When she woke up in Los Angeles centuries after the curse was enacted, her kingdom lost to history and with no true love in sight, Lilia decided to make a new life for herself—a life that included her best friends Alex and Becca, school, and modern American food—and forget all about being royal.

…but she has no intention of living another fairy tale.

Not everyone’s forgotten that Lilia is royal—or part fae.  When a powerful fae demands Lilia pay the price for an ancient promise broken by her family, Lilia must decide between the fae realm and the human world. Her decision brings dangerous, icy magic into the very heart of Los Angeles and with it Talon, the fae prince whose attitude infuriates her.  Can Lilia save her new home without losing her chance at true love?




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