mountain of authors 2019…come see me!

Hey, hey internet land! Long time, no post. Life just keeps on life-ing and I sometimes kind of forget that I’m supposed to be writing books, telling you all about them, and participating in anything outside the immediate chaos of day-to-day life.

The exciting (nerve-wracking?) news is that this month I am participating in a real, live, author event where I will sit at a table and interact with other authors and hopefully some readers and pretend to be a normal.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area, I’d love to see you at the PPLD Mountain of Authors event! I participated two years ago and it was a really good time! This year the keynote speaker is a YA author and I’m SO excited about that! Check out the Mountain of Authors schedule here.


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christmas in july…a celebration!

I love working with my fellow authors on the Holidays with Jane series! They’re a super amazing group of women and so much fun to write with! We’ve published FOUR of these collections so far, and I am constantly amazed by their creativity and ability to bring Austen’s classics into the modern era.

Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer was our FIRST collection, and it is definitely among my favorites! To celebrate it, we are hosting a Christmas in July event July 24-26. We will have lots of fun stuff happening (giveaways, live Christmas movie tweet-alongs) on Twitter and on Facebook, as well as all of our individual sites. Make sure to follow the Holidays with Jane Facebook page to not miss out!

I will be posting a schedule later this week of all the fun!

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summer of love is out…and a giveaway!

HolidaysWithJane-SummerOfLove-KINDLESomehow it’s already June! I have no idea how this happened, honestly. The good news, is this means Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love released yesterday!

I am so proud of this collection and my fellow authors. I got to play in the Emma sandbox this time around I find myself more and more fascinated by how Emma thinks and in love with Mr. Knightley (because of course!).


Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love is now available on Kindle with the paperback to be available shortly! Make sure to add us to your goodreads as well.

The Holidays with Jane ladies are giving away some summer goodies. Each of these two adorable prize packs has a $10 Starbucks gift card in them (not pictured).





Visit our rafflecopter giveaway here.

holidays with jane blog hop…magic

Hello Holidays with Jane Blog Hoppers! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Admittedly, my little corner is usually quiet and empty because I am the world’s worst blogger.  However, I am super excited to be participating with my fellow authors in the blog hop to celebrate the release of Holidays with Jane: Trick or Sweet.




Halloween is the perfect time for a little magic, and several authors (myself included) have magical twists to their adaptations of Austen’s novels in this collection.  In fact, this was Kimberly Truesdale’s first time writing magic (!), and she knocked it out of the park in her Persuasion adaptation, Must be Magic.

In the acknowledgements section of her story, Kim writes:

To Jess, especially, who can’t help but write magic and made me think I could do it too.

First of all, TEARS.

It’s true, I can’t help but write magic. I start out thinking I’m writing a contemporary or historical piece and then frogs start talking or heroines get trapped inside novels…Sometimes this stresses me out because I buy into the “writing magic is easy – you just solve all the story’s problems with it,” mantra. As if somehow liking (cough, loving, cough) magic makes me less of a writer. (It’s weird the things we tell ourselves).  You may have noticed that there was a distinct lack of magic in my version of Persuasion. I’d convinced myself I *had* to write a contemporary romance with no pixie dust or spells or mystical happenings of any kind. It was hard, but I did it!  But then came Halloween and Pride and Prejudice…

Trick or Sweet


Beyond Midnight
Halloween isn’t what Will Harper planned. His sister is playing fairy godmother. He’s at Chawton High’s Trick or Sweet Dance. He’s in costume…and falling for Elena Marquez? Is it real or magic…and can it last Beyond Midnight?


Halloween just cries out for magic. And I’ve got a thing for teenage fairy godmothers, so I made the hero’s sister believe she was his fairy godmother (that’s my clue for the blog hop if you’re playing along, by the way: fairy godmother). The fun thing about this story is really the question of if there is really magic at work.  I actually don’t think it matters: I think what matters is what the character’s believe about it.

And as I was writing this story, I came to a realization. Magic doesn’t solve all the story’s problems. In fact. it seems more to create problems than solve them.  That’s part of why I’m drawn to writing it – the additional layer of complexity, the character needing to figure out who they are apart from the magic – the ability to look at the “real world” through a “magical” what-if lens.

But the funny thing about reality, is it’s still real even with magic. What we hope for and what we get are so vastly different at times that it FEELS like we’re being let down and IF ONLY magic were around to fix things: i.e. money trees, fairy godmothers, and love potions, life would be so much better. But what’s interesting about using magic in a story is seeing how characters have to overcome the situation without the use of it, and sometimes even in spite of it.

So what say you? Are you a fan of magic in stories and what kind do you prefer?

Make sure to check out the rest of the blog hop. You can see the full listing of posts here.



spring fever is here and a giveway…

I blog so very rarely that I feel I have to start each post with, “hi lovelies, so I’m not dead…”


Life is a crazy, wild ride consisting mostly of single-momming and working and driving up and down a mountain every day.  Blogging tends to get lost in the haze. But I actually have something to say, so I here I go:


Holidays with Jane: Spring Fever is HERE.  It’s out in the world! A new, shiny book of awesome.


Once again, I am so blessed and honored to be a part of this project with so many amazing authors.  The ladies who write these stories with me are some of the best people I know and I love reading their work and I’m giddy that I get to work with them!  (Also, Victoria Austen-Young rocks yet another cover design, because rocking is her standard operating procedure.)




Winter’s almost over and Jane Austen’s got a case of spring fever! The authors who brought you Holidays With Jane: Christmas Cheer return to bring you six modern retellings of Austen’s classics. So put up your parasols and prepare for sunshine, smiles, and, of course, happily ever afters.

Extra Innings
by Jessica Grey (oh heeeey, that’s me!)
Annie Elliot still regrets breaking off her engagement to minor league baseball player Rick Wentworth ten years ago. Now he’s back in town coaching the team she works for and stirring up feelings she’d rather forget. Will Rick and Annie get a chance to hit a walk-off home run or will they strike out in Extra Innings?

Miracle at the Abbey
by Cecilia Gray
Kathia, paranormal investigator extraordinaire, is out to prove her hometown Abbey is a bona fide miracle site—even if its sexy owner-slash-handyman Henry is dead set against it. Kathia and Henry square off and settle the score that’s been brewing since high school in this contemporary Easter retelling that ends with a Miracle at the Abbey.

Whine and Wineries
By Melissa Buell
After their father dies, the Dashwood girls must make room for their half-brother John and his wife Franny in their Hollywood Hills home. When Franny’s brother Edward shows up unexpectedly, Elinor finds a new friend.But any dreams of something more are crushed when the girls have to move far away to Barton Winery. There Elinor begins her new life as a wedding coordinator. Her first challenge? Bridezilla Anne Steele’s spring wedding. When Anne’s sister Lucy reveals a secret that changes everything, Elinor must sort through the lies to find the truth of her feelings and hope for her future.

Emma’s Inbox
By Rebecca M. Fleming
Emma Woodhouse keeps her finger on the pulse of Hartfield, Georgia through a series of texts and emails full of hometown gossip and romantic intrigue. In Hartfield, nothing ever changes: people fall in love (sometimeswith a little help from her), get married, and life goes on in the same comfortable way. But when hometown favorite Frank Churchill returns unexpectedly, the whole town develops a case of spring fever. Though a master at maneuvering the love lives of those around her, Emma finds she needs some advice of her own—and her family and friends are happy to fill her inbox with all the help she needs.

No Vacancy at Mansfield Motel
by Kimberly Truesdale
Fanny Price runs Mansfield Motel, the family business in sunny South Florida, mostly on her own. But she dreams of following in her Uncle Thomas’s footsteps and becoming a marine biologist. She plans to talk to her cousin Eddie about her dreams when he comes home for Spring Break. But when he brings along Henry and Mary Crawford, trouble starts to brew. Fanny watches her precious future begin to slip away. With everything on the line, will Fanny finally speak up for herself? Or will she be stuck running Mansfield Motel for the rest of her life?

Lydia Reimagined
by Jennifer Becton
When reformed party girl Lydia Bennet receives an invitation to her ex George Wickham’s destination wedding, she accepts with the intention of showing him exactly what he gave up when he dumped her. But no amount determination can change Wickham’s view of Lydia, especially not when circumstances conspire to make her look even more like a party girl than ever. And then there’s her sudden attraction to old college friend Kyle “Denny” Dennison…. Now that Lydia has reimagined her whole life, will she be able to forget the past and open her heart to the future?

DON’T YOU WANT TO READ ALL OF THESE STORIES? Of course you do! And you can! Holidays with Jane: Spring Fever is now available for Kindle and will shortly (like next week-ish) be in paperback.

And now for a giveaway! Enter using the rafflecopter below to win one of two prize packs.

1. An ebook copy of Holidays with Jane: Spring Fever and a $10 Starbucks gift card

2. A paperback copy of Holidays with Jane: Spring Fever and a $10 Starbucks gift card




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